What are the best travel hacks?

Travelers have to look after so many things on their journey. It is very important to be smart enough at traveling to be called as a Traveller. As Traveller you have so many things to do, these travel hacks will help you make the most of your journey by making you aware of the best travel hacks.

Let me give you a bunch of them to make your journey easier and make you a smart traveler.

  1. Save money, carry an empty bottle.

One should never pay for water at the airport, this can be one of the ways to cut off on your expenses. As you will be traveling to so many airports, buying water every time is not necessary, you can just grab on your empty bottle and fill it later on the airport.

  1. Go Incognito while searching flights online.

Online websites track your user journey on the internet by the cookies that you drop in each time you visit. With this, they track whether you are a new user or a repeating user. So they increase the prices for the repeating users and hence going Incognito and cheating these companies is a smarter way to get cheaper flights online.

  1. Carry a Portable Charger.

This is a must to have in your bag as you don’t know when your phone will get down with low battery. At that time the savior for you will be your portable charger. Portables are very handy to travel with and as well as you can charge your phone whenever you wish to.

  1. Roll your clothes for more space.

Travelling requires so many things to carry in the journey and it’s better to have as fewer bags as you can to avoid being bombarded with extra luggage. The best way to make your luggage less is to roll out your clothes so that you can have more space to keep other essentials.

  1. Screenshot your travel details.

This is very important travel hacks as in the world with the smartphone it will be dumb to carry all your documents where ever you go. Screenshot all your travel details like flight tickets or any transport you have used to keep as proof. Click a picture of your passport to keep it handy whenever you need it.

  1. Make your luggage fragile.

This means that your luggage or bag will be more likely to be handled correctly and will find it a place where ever possible. You can carry it with ease where ever you go so don’t get excited and take things that are essential for you.

  1. Make friends using your phone.

Making friends in a distant land is not everyone’s cup of tea. So it’s better for such people who find it hard to make a connection to make a prior connection before reaching there. There are many such traveling platforms like Travel Buddies and Backpacker that will help you find travelers nearby you. Couchsurfing is also a platform to build your own travel community and this help you make friends all over the globe.

  1. Become a Market researcher to get free delights.

People all over the world are looking for someone who can write about their product online and give good feedback. Being a market researcher will fetch you drinks and delicious food that will be worth writing for.

  1. Use Google Map Offline.

Google maps are very essential wherever you go but in all places, while you are exploring, you will not find an internet connection. The new feature of Google allows you to search for a place and save it for later even if you are offline.

  1. Get Google to translate to use Offline.

Roaming in a distant land there is a possibility that you will find some language barrier to communicate. Having Google translate will be a good solution to your problem. The offline feature of Google translate allows you to use it even when you have no internet access.

  1. Use baby powder to freshen up.

This will seem to be a little funny but yes this can be a savior for times when are traveling from long and covered with sweat on your body. Applying baby powder on your feet will prevent them from stinking.

  1. Use a TV to charge your device.

Be smart enough just carry an adapter and then you can charge your electronic device as all the TVs nowadays have a dedicated slot for the adapter. So make use of it while you are traveling.

  1. Carry pocket fragrances.

Instead of carrying your big and heavy favorite fragrance it’s better to transfer some of the bottles in a small spray bottle that is durable enough to carry along with you.

  1. Steal Wi-Fi.

Travelers all around the world complain about not getting an Internet connection while they are traveling. In my opinion, finding one is not that hard. You can steal Wi-Fi from café and restaurants that come in our way. And you will be surprised to know that a lot of people share their Wi-Fi password online and you can find them easily. FourSquare is the best way to find a password online.

These some of the best travel hacks that we have listed out, you are also free to share your own life travel hacks that have helped in your journey in the comments section below.

Till then, follow the hacks and travel smartly.

What are some best places for a solo trip in India?

India can be one of the best destination for embarking your next solo trip with historical monuments, beautiful beaches, foggy hill stations, never ending desert, spiritual pilgrimage sites and wildlife safari.

It’s a road worth taking, India is a very beautiful and unique land having the greatest diversity in the world. Many tourists travel India with their friends and family but traveling this place alone is a beautiful experience that one must all witness once in their lifetime.

Traveling solo has its own advantage you make more connection and live the journey a little more.

You can read about, what it is like to travel alone? By just one click.

Moreover, we all know that it is very much beneficial and also an enjoyable experience.

A solo trip is a kind of exploration that you make of your own self as well as the world around.

Here are such 10 best destinations in India for your solo trip and all these will really be amazing places to spend some quiet time with your own self.

  • Udaipur

The lake city Udaipur in Rajasthan is known for its great hospitality and cultural heritage. It should be on the top of your list when traveling alone in India as it is a place worth discovering. You will be astonished to see the great historical monuments like Haweli’s, fort, beautiful garden which is all ancient and has a great story to it. You can do many things in the relax atmosphere of the city and enjoy the cold starry nights.

  • Shimla

The Himalayas are quite famous for its serene beauty and Shimla can be the best destination to spend some time in the lap of the Himalayas. It is a great spot with beautiful scenery, attractive location, luxurious hotel various temples all these places will make you enjoy your journey more. Traveling to Shimla alone and walking on the beautiful roads covered with snow can be the best part of your journey.

  • Leh Ladakh

This can be the best destination for exiting mountain biking and also a great adventure to take on your journey. It is the best place for people who wants to travel alone as well as experience a thrilling journey. There are many monasteries that will make you love this place and experience the beauty of it.

  • Manali

Manali is one of the best places to go to Himachal Pradesh. Traversing all the Himalayan ranges you will witness towering peaks and lush green snow clad mountains that will be one of the best nature spots. It will also give you many adventurous things to do like river-rafting, para-gliding, skiing, etc. The solo travelers can trek to the various mountains of the Himalayas or just sit along the beautiful lakes.

  • Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a mix-match for all the travellers as on one side it is a land with so much adventure to go on like trekking, river rafting, cliff diving, bungee jumping, kayaking and rock climbing and the other side is also a land to gain spirituality by practicing meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic Spa and more. This place located at the foothills of Himalayas is the best spot for adventure as well as seeking-peace for every solo traveler.

  • Kashmir

Kashmir, the paradise on the earth can be the most beautiful place to go on for a solo traveler. It is a spot that will make you feel in heaven with the beauty of the Himalayan ranges and some more beautiful lakes and gardens.

  • Goa

Goa can be the best party place for all the solo traveler or just to relax on the beach with your drink by your side. One can soak in the hot sun, have fun on the beach or taste some continental drinks Goa can be the best place for all solo travelers. It will also make you do adventurous things like jet-skiing, surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing and some pleasing Spa. Solo travelers can enjoy deep sea fishing there.

  • Mumbai

Mumbai called the city of dreams can also be the best spot for the solo traveler. As it is the safest and also gives you an energetic party life. It is also called the city that never sleeps as its famous for its fashion house, theatre, night clubs, beaches, heritage, etc. One will never feel lonely and bored in this city as this place and people here will make you go with the slogan, ‘’Aamchi Mumbai’’.

  • Darjeeling

Darjeeling will amaze you with rolling mountains, lakes, refreshing tea gardens and peak ranges. One can sip there the most popular tea in the world. The solo traveler will feel this place as a heaven. The sunset and sunrise will make you take out the camera and capture the beautiful moment forever.

  • Puducherry

Puducherry will make you feel as If you are walking along the streets in France. If you don’t have the money to go to France, you can experience a bit of it here. With the French influence that this place is having on its architecture, it can be the most beautiful streets to walk along the exotic beaches. The food here also has a French influence and you can even sip a glass of beer which is comparatively cheaper here.

These were the 10 best places for all the solo travelers to go on in India.

What are the best travel websites? Why?

The modern communication system has paved the way for all travelers to look upon a place on the Internet. So yes the technology has affected the travel industry immensely and hence we see a lot of traveling website to assure that travelers around the world have a heart-warming experience.

Today, if you want to travel to a place and hence want to gather information prior to easing your journey, all that you have to do is to grab your phone, get the internet access and find very information about the place to the depth.

The internet has made it easier to research about a particular place through various travel websites, Google Map, Google Street view as well as through YouTube Vlogs.

Today we are going to talk about all these Travel websites that make sure that we have a convenient and well-informed journey.

Here we have brought you to some of the world best travel websites.

Best Travel websites in the world. 

The websites mentioned below will surely take to all those exotic destinations from your screen, the description is so informative as well as captivating that it will entice to be there. And for all those who are already planning to go at a destination, you will surely get a lot to know about it, for example, the best hotel, the local food, places to visit and local shopping spots.

It will bring you to all the travel hotspot like San Antonio, Puebla, Laguna, Balkans, etc. around the world. Let’s explore all such websites and search the reason for being the best.

  1. Airbnb

This is one of the best websites that will ease your burden of traveling at an unknown place by providing you the accommodation that is one of the most essential parts of your journey. This website provides you cheap accommodation that allows you to live in a place with the local and this definitely adds on to your experience and will give you the essence of traveling to the place like a local. That is with Airbnb you can rent a room that is being offered by a local, that is you will be staying with a family provided by a room and the best part is you will be interacting with them on a daily basis. There is no need to worry if this is not your style, you can even out a private flat house or whatever you are looking for and the options are enormous. It provides accommodation that is pocket-friendly as well as fun at the same time.

  1. Airwander

Something like this was really needed for all the travelers or backpackers Most of the travelers hate their layover as they pass by places but don’t have time to discover things or sometimes they just end up doing nothing. Airwander helps you out of this by planning out your layover and also add an extra day to your stay.

  1. HomeAway

This website is similar to Airbnb but existed even before Airbnb had arrived. It’s a website that aggregates vacation rental websites by listing out some of the most popular ones in the travel industry.

Being there in the market for so long, today the company owns 40 websites in 22 languages with over 1 million listings. An advantage over Airbnb is that it does not control your rental experience

  1. Kayak

We always try to manage our travel expense by finding out the best deals available on hotel, flights, resort, rental cars, etc. But this is something which really hard to find out, else you need someone to monitor the price going up and down, Kayak will do all this for you. One of the best thing about this website is that it provides you with trends in the price and hence this gives you a wide range of option to select from. It even alerts you for any upcoming offers by emailing you directly in your inbox.

  1. World Nomads

World nomads provide you the best budget travel insurance. Nowadays it is very important to have insurance while you are traveling around the world. Not having travel insurance can lead to serious problems, bring unnecessary expense and will end your trip very soon.

  1. Momondo

Just like Kayak, Momondo let you find the best deals for hotel, rental cars, air tickets, etc. You can also have a travel alert that will notify you on exciting deals for your destination. It even lets you book air tickets online. It is one of the best travel websites offering this service worldwide.

  1. Skiplagged

Skiplagged makes it easier to experience the world. It helps you find unique flight and hotel rates. It provides with deals that cut off your expenses and bring in the concept of the hidden city to let you find your deals that you won’t find anywhere else. It also provides the best rates for hotels with exciting discounts.

  1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing that’s let you connect to a global community of travelers. It helps you find a place to stay or share your home or hometown with travelers. Couchsurfing also organizes a regular event in 200,000 cities around the world. This is a cost saving option as it let you connect to people across the globe which in turn helps you find a host in a distant place by sitting at your home. It also has an App. Couchsurfing helps you connect with travelers as well as people serving the travelers.

  1. Jetsetter

This is a luxury travel option for all those who are longing for such an experience. This company provides a well-plotted travel experience by providing a range of approved and verified properties and hotels. It provides you with all that is required to have luxurious as well as a memorable experience. They also announce sale from time to time on their website. It is one of the best platforms to provide exclusive deals on hotels and resort all around the world.

  1. Luxury Retreats

It has been recently owned by Airbnb, Luxury retreat provides a wide range of around 3,000 high-end villas in a different destination around the world. We all want an experience worth cherishing and luxury retreat just provide the same experience. It is one of the most widely running company in the world.

  1. FlyerTalk Forums

FlyerTalk forums are no doubt the best websites that provide all the available as well as the best deals for your whole travel experience. This is not something where you can book the deals but you will surely find the best deal possible. It provides you the cheapest deal possible.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is also for finding the best deals on travel and also one of the most famous ones that bring all the deals under one umbrella. It also offers an app and provides its service in different countries in different languages. It is a kind of search engine that provides an unbiased result. It is one of the most popular engines that is used for traveling within Europe.

These were all the best travel websites that one can rely on while traveling to distant places. It will surely provide you the best experience with the best service that will make you use the app for every time you go on your excursion.

solo traveling

How does it feel to travel alone?

The idea of travelling alone is in itself very exciting but most of the travellers don’t take this big step, as though it brings a lot of exciting but at the same time it is a great responsibility that needs a lot of care and preparation especially if you are travelling at that place for the every first time.

One needs to prepare so that there is no hassle in an unknown land in the middle of our exploration.

But after all these efforts, traveling alone will definitely be one of the best experience of your life. It will open you up to different and new possibilities and will also enhance your travel experience for sure.

This article is for all those who are longing to travel alone but at the same time have certain insecurities in their mind. We will take on a ride to make you feel how it seems to travel alone?

And definitely after reading it, you will be convinced and would like to take all the efforts that are required to give you this relishing experience.

Here is all that it feels like to travel alone. Let me take you there.

Imagine yourself at your favorite destination alone in your best outfit, with your backpack and exploring all the places but at the same time having a unique experience by enjoying and experience something very alluring. Let me tell you, what it is?

  • You are all free.

When you travel alone you don’t have to go along adjusting according to all the members but here you can to do things just as you like them without thinking about anybody else.

You don’t have to agree with something just to fit in the itinerary that everyone approves.

Traveling alone is all about doing things on your own terms. As all won’t be energetic like you, when alone you don’t have to lower your excitement level according to somebody else, you are the writer of your own story.

  • Meeting and interacting with new people.

When you travel in groups you have to maintain a smooth conversation within the group and hence you may miss out on many more exciting people on the way. Travel alone gives you the chance to meet as well as interact with the unknowns and make them a known person in your life. It gives you the chance to interact with the locals or become a question bank to your driver while driving back to your hotel. As a solo traveller, you will have many personalized small connections which will help you know the place better.

  • Living to the fullest at the moment.

Imagine yourself walking alone on the streets of Paris, the street is not much crowed and hence you can pay attention to minute detail happening around. It will help you listen to the winds that rattle around your face or the birds that chirp cheerfully.  You will become more observant to the place and your surrounding and this experience definitely will be worth going for as you will enjoy it to the fullest.

  • As a traveller, you will gain great confidence and satisfaction.

Travelling alone will make you scared at first but as you start experiencing it, you will surely adore the decision taken. Once you start your journey and have come a little far you will realize that it will make you more confident as a traveler. And what can be better than this?

  • One will discover their true self.

When you are traveling alone all that you will spend time with is you and no one else. And hence this makes you meet your true self. The one that is lost among the hustle bustle of your city or while fitting into the mold of other people. Here you don’t need to show up things to anybody and hence this will definitely explore your true self.

  • You will become a better version of your own self.

While you travel solo there will be many challenges that you will face on your way which will eventually make you better at it with time. You will learn to make a decision faster and better. It will make you independent, it will make you be alone and like it and yet be connected with the place you are traveling to. You will be free from all the bondage in your mind.

  • Travel alone once in life should be in your To-do-list.

It is recommended for everyone to travel alone once in their lifetime. As it is an experience worth experiencing.  You will be more courageous and the solo trip will give you the experience that will fill your mind and soul with peace and you will definitely find your solace.

After reading this article I am sure you will be planning out your solo trips and if you get stuck somewhere or need any solution to your query, you may contact us in the comment section below. We will be pleased to serve you and help in this great expedition of your own self.