Our Culture

Writing down company culture is not straightforward - and it's not something you can measure. It's a company's collective personality and values. How they look after their own. Here, it's how we #livecube3.

Cubism, an intro

Defining what we do is easy. Defining what we are is harder.?The truth is, it’s hard to wrap up what goes on here at Cube3. The atmosphere. The buzz. The playtime. The banter. The sense that you are part of something really special.?Call it culture. Call it values. Call it how we live.?We call it...?Cubism.

Our culture plays a big part in how we hire, train, develop and look after our people. It's what makes us unique as an agency - and it shines through, not only in our work, but every day in the office too.

Karl Barker . CEO


We’re switched on. Self-aware. Culturally connected. We know exactly what’s going on within our industry and out in the big wide world. And we use it to stay ahead of the curve.


We're all creatives. But it’s our imagination that sets us apart. Pioneers for 20 years. So we’ll push ourselves. Break new ground. Be brave. Bend the rules a bit, when we believe it’s right.


We’re from Manchester. We do things differently here. There’s a buzz when you walk into the room, an atmosphere you can feel. We’re real.?Always bold, energetic and daring.?

Our values

We’re honest. We treat each other with integrity and respect.?We work with passion. Drive. Enthusiasm. And of course, hard graft. Creativity. And imagination. These power everything.?And the fun, it happens naturally.

We’ve excellence. And skill.

We’re real. Genuine, and top drawer too. Mostly humble. Not always. A down-to-earth group of people doing what they love.?We’ve all got talent. But it’s teamwork that makes the?magic happen.

A bunch of problem-solvers that think. Invent. Innovate. We’re insightful and ambitious. Supporting each other, it’s just what we do.?Everyone has the freedom to do their best. To try it out. To grow. To shine.