Get a better understanding
of customer behaviours…

With insights that inform decision making, improve performance and create brand attraction.

Everything starts
with insight

Using insight, research and data from brand, UX, web, social and media, we identify new opportunities for growth - informing strategy in all areas of our work. Whilst customer behaviour, needs and desires continuously evolve, our infatuation with deep customer understanding allows us to deliver real value every time.

For us, customer insight, data and human psychology play a unique and powerful role in everything we do, including our two assessment and workshop products. These focus on gathering customer and market intelligence along with big data to inform strategic decision making.


A great strategy is the backbone to success. And in a diverse, interconnected world it has never been more important. We build integrated strategies that span the whole customer journey, helping your business to capitalise on opportunities for long-term growth.


By undertaking comprehensive research, we uncover valuable insights to help you to improve your business’ opportunities. Because we know quality insights drive strategic planning and enable brands to stay in tune with customer demand.


The world is driven by data; it’s a powerful tool for strategic decision-making and personalisation. We'll help you to make sense of disparate data across your entire business, integrating it and using business intelligence and analytics so you can harness its power.

Discovery and Planning Workshops

Our workshops help you to understand your business from the outside in. They blend qualitative and quantitative data to give you a holistic view of your business, identifying opportunities to increase performance and maximise growth.


A valuable audit for discovery and decision making

A series of research, workshops and assessments that create a strategic decision-making framework for brands. This activity identifies opportunities for improvements in brand positioning, better digital experiences, increasing engagement and converting audiences into profitable customers.

Base BI

Performance planning using real-world data and analysis

We identify and process data sources within your business, analysing results for valuable business insight. Our dashboard reports then define clear opportunities to improve performance against visible and tangible metrics, across all customer touchpoints.

The insights team at Cube3 are the jewel in the crown. They helped get a clearer understanding of our business challenges, helping us develop our core propositions in line with customer demand and the constant evolution of the IT market.