Transforming the way
Rohan sell to the over 40s

There is a belief that customers of a certain age, buying a certain type of product won’t purchase online, won’t engage with online advertising and certainly won’t pay attention to social media.

It’s not all about millennials, you know

Rohan, the outdoor clothing brand established in 1972, has always been a hit with adventure-loving baby boomers. By helping the brand realign its purpose, we changed the way they positioned and presented themselves, then used digital marketing channels in innovative ways. Giving new and existing customers a brand to fall in love with, and generating 16x ROI in six months as a result.

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We started with specific goals

Get an established business back on track. Open up the brand to new customers, without alienating a loyal existing customer base. Catch up with, and then disrupt, a market with huge buying potential. Engage, excite and retain Rohan’s next generation of adventurers. Sell to the over 40s.

Working with stakeholders to uncover Rohan’s North Star

We spoke to 1500 customers and 1200 non-customers, and used competitor and market research to understand Rohan’s position. We created a new purpose and proposition, based on the discovery that age wasn’t an issue for Rohan. It was all about awareness.

All of this insight, aligned to some clearly defined outcomes, would result in tangible outputs.

For every journey

We created a new e-commerce website that would focus on user-generated content - taking maximum advantage of the stories behind the products and bringing peer reviews to the fore.

Because we knew that our new customer base responded to pre-purchase validation, we understood that their interaction with adventure brands needed to be about more than fabrics and durability. They wanted to be inspired.

From a business that relied almost exclusively on catalogue distribution and email, Rohan has transformed the way it presents the brand in-store and online. It has used this to acquire new fans and customers, distribute content more widely and sell more products more often. We’re beyond proud of this digital transformation and will work with them to continue their growth.

Libby Childs . Project and Operations Director

No website is an island

Our marketing across digital channels opened up entirely new routes to purchase and took Rohan to a completely new customer.

Some quick wins through Google Shopping gave Rohan the confidence to invest across social media too, and, using Facebook advertising campaigns, we delivered a return on investment from month one. We also introduced a mass of high-spending new customers and increased basket spend from the loyal customer base by 10%.

Targeted and trackable digital-first campaigns

From a business that relied almost exclusively on catalogue distribution and email, Rohan has transformed the way it presents the brand in store and online.??

Data, combined with creativity, based on a sound understanding of the customer, positioning and goal, has taken Rohan’s marketing to a whole new level. And we’ve debunked the myth. Social advertising combined with compelling content will now not only engage, but sell to, an entirely new generation of Rohan customers.


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